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  • How long is your course and when do the courses start?
    Our General English and Intensive English courses start every week all year round. Our courses are very flexible and you can select your length of stay, from a minimum of 1 month to 3 months, to one year.
  • What are the course fees?
    The packages that we currently offer are: General English (Beginner to Advanced) - private lessons: £170 for 8 hours - group lessons (2-4 persons): £95pp for 8 hours IELTS, OET & Cambridge Exams Preparation - Saver Package: 10 hours for £150 (in groups of 4) - Bronze Package: 5 hours for £115 (private) - Silver Package: 10 hours for £200 (private) Academic English (Undergraduate & Postgraduate students) - private lessons: £45 per hour - group lessons (2-4 persons): £25 pp per hour
  • What do the English course fees include?
    Course fees include the following: Selected course Placement test Course materials & homework materials Leaving certificate upon completion
  • What English language level do I need to attend a course?
    We accept all levels from complete beginners to advanced levels. All our courses cater to many different levels of ability, however, complete beginners may have to start with a block of individual tuition lessons. Before we start, please do this short test and keep a record of the result.
  • How long should I study?
    We believe the longer you are able to study, the better. Most students can expect to develop moderate fluency in 2-5 months depending on several factors (accommodation choice, personal motivation and application, and number of lessons). If you need to learn English in a very short time, we do offer intensive programmes. We are committed to helping you acheive your language learning goals and if you are concerned about your progress we are here to offer advice and support. What we ask of you is to be punctual, attend all your classes, and do the homework that is set by your teachers.
  • What happens if I feel I have been placed in the wrong class?
    If you feel the class you have been placed into is too easy or too difficult, just let the teacher know at the end of the first day and we will see if another level is more suitable for you.
  • How will the language be taught and what should I expect in class?
    We believe that teaching a language cannot be successful solely by routine and repetition but should be creative and communicative. We focus on learning to speak the language by instilling the most effective ways to master correct pronunciation and intonation. Our students learn most effectively in classrooms that are highly communicative and use techniques such as role-play, grammar games and videos to support lesson content. Current political, social and cultural materials are integrated to add interest and increase knowledge of the country and culture.
  • Can I reschedule the lessons?
    Individual lessons can be rescheduled in the same week if given a 24 hour notice. Group lessons can not be rescheduled, but it will be fully recorded and sent to you after the lesson, along with the materials used and the homework.
  • Do I receive a certificate at the end of the programme?
    Yes. All of our programmes offer a Certificate of Attendance and Academic Progress Report; we can also help prepare you for internationally-recognised English language exams.
  • What if I change my mind? Do I get a refund?
    For a refund, you need to give a 2-weeks notice that you cannot take the classes anymore. If notice is given with less than 2 weeks, you will receive a voucher with the number of lessons remaining and you can use it within 6 months.
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