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IELTS Reading - Effective strategies

  • Look quickly at the text to get an overview of format - headings, diagrams, etc.

  • Read a text very quickly the first time to get the main ideas.

  • Read the questions first to get an idea of what to look for in the text.

  • In general, spend about 1 minute on each question (you will tend to spend less on the first ones and more on the following ones; difficulty increases).

  • Read each question or group of questions carefully, then scan text to find possible answers.

  • Underline and mark the text e.g. question numbers against text to check later.

  • Follow the instructions (it is not so obvious!!! Pay attention to detailed instructions - i.e. Write no more than TWO words).

  • If you are not sure of an answer, write it down in such a way you remember to check it later (highlight, underline, question mark).

  • If you think a particular word is important, try to guess its meaning from the context.

  • If you are not sure which answer is correct (A, B, C or D / T, F, NG), guess! (DO NOT leave any questions blank because the paper is not negatively marked).

  • It is better to complete the test by rushing over some difficult questions, than not to finish the test.

Good luck folks! :)

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