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IELTS Writing - Helpful tips

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Task 1

A description of information usually in the form of a diagram, object or set of data.

  • Timing is essential - do not go over 20 min.

  • 150 words MINIMUM - you can write 20 or 30 more words, but do not write less.

  • Do not interpret the data: summarise, compare, describe.

  • Do not add a personal opinion: avoid words like "I think", "I believe".

  • Do not use bullet points/headings/note form.

  • Use examples from the figure to evidence your description.

  • You must always have a conclusion, one or two sentences will be enough.

  • Paragraphing is not essential.

Task 2

An essay in the form of an argument or discussion on a given topic

  • It carries more marks than Task 1.

  • The introduction should paraphrase the vocabulary in the question to form a thesis statement for the whole essay; express a personal opinion. Ideally, try to agree with one of the extreme views because this will help you structure your essay more clearly.

  • Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence: this is a sentence that tells us what the paragraph is about.

  • Use linking words

  • Expand on the topic sentence using examples/evidence from your personal experience or other people's experience. REMEMBER it doesn't have to be real, but it has to be supported by evidence.

  • Conclusion: Sum up what you have written in the main body and DO NOT add any new points. Do not contradict yourself and stick to the examples and evidence you have provided.

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1 Comment

Thank you for the very useful tips. I wish I knew this before my exams. Thank you for the lessons too. They definitely made just the difference I needed. Highest points from me!

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